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Top 5 Priorities for New HR Managers

Congratulations! You have just been offered the post of an HR manager! Sure, the next couple of days will be celebration, moving, boxing and unboxing. If you have a tiny bit of gap, you may even be able to squeeze in a vacation (do try the Strawberry rhubarb mojito if you get a chance!). And then, you are there at your new place, ready to roll up your mangas and get working. Now, what is that you really need to do? Chances are that the new place is (or at least will appear to be) very chaotic. That is just the nature of HR. Things are constantly moving and that is what makes the job so fulfilling! Here then, is the list of top 5 things – very simple things really, but things that you really need to do in your first week in order to start off well and be a huge success at your new job.

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