More time for states to decide on their health insurance exchanges

On Friday, the Obama administration gave states extra time to work toward setting up new health insurance exchanges.  We do need to note that Nov 16th deadline has not changed – it still stands.  The only difference is that states can simply say “Yes, we will have an exchange” and then give a more detailed plan later.

This is a classic project management trick.  Give an extension, in return of a commitment.  Especially since the Oct 1, 2013 date is not moving.  Brilliant move IMHO.  States need to get off their butts, or end up looking bad to their citizens.  With John Boehner declaring that the ACA is the law of the land, the states need to accept it as well.  And this will mean some very interesting outcomes for payers which are active in multiple states.  They will suddenly see the rush of exchanges and payers will need to connect with exchanges very quickly to make the best of this sales channel.

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