Predictive Analytics World – DC – Day 1 Roundup

Had a productive day yesterday at the PAW DC. Good time meeting old friends and new people. Some very good presentations – especially John Elder’s presentation on Text Mining, and Karl Rexer’s presentation on industry trends were very well received. Also well received were presentations by Daymond Ling (CIBC) and Dean Abbot. I especially liked Dean’s talk on survey analysis for YMCA, since that didn’t just stop at analysis, but also talked about how to make analysis actionable, and how YMCA branches were able to meet their business goals by taking those actions. Dean also refers to the excellent article “The One Number You Need to Grow” by Frederick Reichheld, which makes plenty of sense in case of YMCA. Also, as in case of other surveys, multi-collinearity is an important factor that had to be dealt with.

John Elder, Gary Miner, Amrinder Arora at PAW DC

John Elder, Gary Miner, Amrinder Arora at PAW DC

Also had a good chance to connect and reconnect with Tom Fuyala (from 11Ants), Michael Zeller (from Zementis), Dusan Toman (from Miner3D), Mark Norton (Idiom) and plenty of other folks.

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5 thoughts on “Predictive Analytics World – DC – Day 1 Roundup

  1. Henson Lottie

    I must have missed connecting with you after the speaking session. Nevertheless, I enjoyed your comments, and hopefully we can connect on some other analytics conferences.

  2. Kristine May

    Thanks for those thoughts on analytics and big data during the PAW DC. We have moved to Hadoop significantly since then and I see that you are very active on that front.

  3. Cliff Watson

    Thank you bud. What is the latest these days in Analytics space in DC? Are you still hanging out with John and the rest of the crowd? I saw your paper on scheduling on EC2, it was very helpful, thanks.

  4. Arnold Corine

    I am currently working for a financial services company. We are looking for an expert in automatic model recomputation and updation. Is this something that you can help with?

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