Daily Archives: September 6, 2010

How Apple plays the pricing game

AppleBen Kunz, from Bloomberg discusses how Apple’s strategies prompt consumers to buy, buy and buy.   The article discusses how iPhone and iPod Touch are closely priced, even though iPhone can do everything that an iPod Touch can do, plus calling.  Although the article obviously glosses over the fact that iPhone requires a contract while an iPod doesn’t, that detail aside, it is still the case that Apple’s pricing strategy is probably one of its least discussed weapon.  And yes, Apple does try to distinguish itself in order to make the comparisons meaningless, but that is simply the Blue Ocean Strategy at work.  More fundamentally my concern is with the hype related to these products and the reality around them are not always in synch.  I had an iPod nano and never found it user friendly and ultimately got a Philips MP3 player.  iPad is a similar story – it is a great device, but Flash is a deal breaker for me.

[Photo Courtesy: leoncillo sabino]