Daily Archives: April 11, 2010

Digital camcorder, e-commerce and the red color

Ok, so for about 3 weeks now I have been looking for a decent camcorder.  After some research, I am optically zooming in auto focusing at the Sony Sony HDR-CX150.  While doing this research, I have found some amazing things – not about cameras, but about e-commerce, online shopping, and just buying trends.

Very first thing to note is that e-commerce is still in infancy.  When searching for cameras, if you decide to sort by price, the first 3 pages on Amazon search are for camera covers, which for some strange reason tend to be a bit cheaper than the cameras themselves.  Obviously Amazon isn’t able to figure out that I am looking for camera, not a cover, at least not yet.  Of course once I have bought a camera, I would expect to be shown (just randomly I guess) some camera accessories even when I am not at Amazon.com, but right now is a bit too soon.

Second thing of note – the ratings and rankings is just about now coming along.  Each product has a complicated set of ratings, and the number of “stars” means little, you really have to read the review.  Amazon simply shows an “average” rating (the mathematical average) and doesn’t use any sophisticated formula of ratings that takes into account number of favorable and unfavorable reviews, such as Wilson score or the like.  This could be attributed to the fact that the average rating is the one that people readily understand, and I understand that, and I understand that the other people readily understand that, but that doesn’t preclude some more of these sophisticated stores to start becoming more mainstream, perhaps in addition to average score.

Third thing – and this is neither about Amazon, nor about e-commerce – two colors of the same exact item cost about 60$ different.



Amazing difference, huh?

The more expensive color is in high demand (only 3 items left in stock – order soon!). The less expensive color is abundant. Obviously people hate red color sufficiently to spend the extra 60$.