7 (Windows 7, that is)

No idea what I did on Sunday night, but after only 8 years, my computer had a virus! Terrible, but long overdue one might say. After spending the Monday at work yesterday part working and part spending the time on taking backups, I ran down to the Staples last night and got a copy of Windows 7. Half an hour later I was up and running, and half amused half angry that I had actually not needed to take any backup at all! Windows 7 installation actually preserved ALL my files as well as Windows folder (which it simply renamed to a non working Windows.000 name). Well, better safe than sorry, so maybe it wasn’t a bad thing that I had taken the backup anyway.

OK, about 7, what should I say? Firstly, I must confess that I know little about it, but from what I have seen so far, I really like it. The search feature works amazingly fast, and includes Outlook and windows folders. That is nice, real nice. Windows search in XP used to work same way, but it was a separately installed component, not an inbuilt feature. The Windows Explorer in Windows 7 has a bunch of niceties to it, including the Library concept. (I skipped over Vista, so all comparisons are to XP.) The Alt Tab menu also works slightly differently, and in my opinion slightly better.

Beyond 7, and and as a note on the entire IT industry, one can argue that a few more things have moved to the cloud, and I can confirm that it actually took me lesser time to reinstall everything than when I upgraded my laptop about 18 months back. That is clearly the direction that is interesting (at least for me), and the fact that MOST of my files and folders are either in my work repository or in my personal repository is a pretty darn good thing.

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