Daily Archives: January 31, 2010

iPad – No multitasking, 4:3, No flash?

Wait, my previous post sounded too much like a thunderous applause for iPad, and that is not how I meant it. I simply wanted to commend and note that in future computers will be sold with inbuilt 3G modems and with monthly (or yearly) data plan fees.

Also learnt in the meantime that iPad won’t support multitasking, and screen is 4:3, and won’t run other browsers (other than inbuilt Safari). Now, there is something fishy here. Apple is well known for providing a great product, and following up 4 months later with sweet sweet enhancements that melt away all remaining doubts (remember iPhone and 3G?). But this time, the gaps seem to be way too many. Will Jobs come out in March again and announce a multitasking flash laden 16:9 app-unlocked device with a front facing camera that runs native video chat?

If he does, I wonder what he will call that device.