Hiring a QA is a tough job

I will be honest that I have never had any luck hiring a good QA. While my success rate in hiring a good developer is a whopping 66%, the success rate in hiring a good QA dips to an abysmal 25%. That number essentially comes from my past record of having hired 20 QAs, 4 of whom turned out to be super stars, and others not so much.

So, the question rises again, why am I hiring another QA today. But either way, I am about 22 minutes away from interviewing a candidate, and I am desperately looking for clues, cues and questions to ask QAs. Some of the good questions that I have found are:

  1. Describe any good or interesting bug that you found. How did you follow it up until resolution?
  2. After you file a bug, what are the various things that can happen to it? (The question is same as asking more directly, the different states of a bug)
  3. What is the difference between a test case and a test report?
  4. How do you handle when a developer marks your bug as “invalid”? (The question is whether the QA can zero in on the SRS as the ultimate resolver).
  5. How do you determine what to test? (Again, the SRS)
  6. How do you handle the situation that there is no SRS? (Initiative)
  7. We are starting designing a product that will be ready in 10 months. Rather than hiring you right now, wouldnt it be more beneficial to hire you at that time, since you will not have anything to do anyway? (Deliberately misleading question)
  8. When would you start creating the test cases?

Ok, that is how far I got, and I need to go to the conference room now.

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