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March 19th, 2005

Denial of US Visa to Narendra Modi

[If you need a background to this note, please read Modi denied US Visa or any other stories in the news media.]

One thing that can be said for sure is that Asian American Hotel Owner Association’s (AAHOA) made a deplorable and an unwise decision to invite a debatable personality as a chief guest of their meeting. If the AAHOA had made the slightest attempt to be representative of the Asian American community (as their name suggestes), they could have invited anyone from hundreds of other great candidates. Instead, they decided to invite one person that predictably split the community into sections.

A community split: While now the AAHOA can go on and on about the not guilty verdict of the courts of law on Narendra Modi, the fact remains that the community has been split, with a himalayan schism. Needless to say, the Asian American people opposed to Narendra Modi are also staying away from Indian motels, lest they should inadvertently and indirectly support Mr. Modi.

Trying to redeem the situation: There is still time for AAHOA to do what it does the best: focus on the economy and the finances. The Gujarati community has always been a peace loving people, very widely known for their fiduciary acumen. Would it not make sense to invite someone who brings the focus back to the financial aspects of the visit (which it is purportedly about anyway)? Why really bring the elements of politics and religion into this?

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