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Why NY Times is seen as an amazingly stupid newspaper…

You need to see no further than this opinion piece to see where NYT gets the reputation of being such an amazingly stupid newspaper. Really, NYT? This is the best piece that you can write about a space mission to Mars? Continue doling out such amazing drivel please – the National Enquirer was starting to feel a bit lonely.

Among mainstream media, NYT still has some respect, but this is not a complement to NYT. Rather this is the knockout punch for mainstream media.

Azlan Shah Hockey Cup 2010

For the first time in the 17 year history of annual Sultan Azlan Shah hockey cup, joint champions have been declared: India, S.Korea share Sultan Azlan Shah hockey Cup.

Quite unbelievable that India continues to do this well in hockey, despite the absence of any sophisticated hockey league.  By no means is India in the top 4 or 5 ranked nations in Hockey, but it seems to be consistently in top 10.  I am not really sure how to explain this.

On a personal note, I love *watching* hockey, even though I never played it.  I love the fast paced nature of this sport, and love to see field goals.  Penalty corner goals are OK too, but not as exciting to see as field goals.   In the US “hockey” by default means ice hockey, and field hockey is virtually non-existent.

Kevin Pietersen’s class

True, the 3rd test match between India and England is just heading for a draw, but full credit must be given to England for holding out three and half sessions. Too many teams have see the 4th inning fold out in less than a day when facing a task even less daunting than faced by England today.

Remember Australia in India, 2001, second test (that eternally belongs to VVS)?

There was a fair bit of talk for England chasing down 500, pushing for victory. That was a bit unrealistic, but then again, records do get broken, and dreams do come true. It is to England’s credit that such talk was popping up even in the post-lunch session.

The everlasting “better lose series 2-0 than lose 1-0 and not try” comments are always seen in similar situations in the 3rd test, but people tend to agree with them only until the team does lose 2-0. After that, losing 1-0 starts sounding much better. Remember South Africa vs. Australia, 2006, when Graeme Smith gifted the 3rd test to Australia by setting them a target of less than 300?

I do too.