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I am saving all my love for you – RIP Whitney

This was one of the very very very first songs that I was enamored with. (Was 9 when this song came out.) Feels so sad to know that an era has ended tonight.

Drugs – there is never a joke around them. When I was studying in Delhi, at least three of my friends, who were all *extremely* gifted people and top scientist material, lost their way after having “tried” drugs. Rest in peace Whitney.

Etymology – When it doesn’t work (And some phantonyms)

All of us have a conscious or subconscious focus on etymology that serves us well, except at times when it doesn’t! See this video for an example.

Once in a while we come across a phantonym – a word that sounds opposite of what it means. The word “suffrage” is an excellent case in point, even though it wouldn’t qualify as a phantonym. The word root has been lost and the word sounds similar to “suffering” and has a negative ring to it. That combined with the age of the kids, I don’t take the video too seriously, I think it just makes a good joke, that’s all.

A similar confusion exists between bondage (bad) and bonding (good). I know that there is at least some confusion about this topic, because even one of our recent Presidents has said that “Republicans understand the importance of bondage between a mother and child.”