Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau

“In a Nutshell”® rating: 6/10.

Excellent Movie Quote:

If you google for just Elise, you get more than 357,000 hits.  And none of them is about you.

Adjustment Bureau is the non-machine version of the Matrix.  The premise is that everything is controlled, and there is a clean hierarchy, and structured, and the top person is called the “chairman” who is actually a distributed person, and can be different for different people.  At this point, it just feels that the script writers ran out of creative juices.  Oh well.

Adjustment Bureau

Overall, the movie is OK.  Barely good enough to be seen in the plane.  Probably, the directors and the script writers need to realize that it is not sufficient that the movie or the book have a nice conclusion at the end (which Adjustment Bureau does indeed have).  It is also important that the main premise be compelling.  To open doors using a bowler hat and have those doors open (literally!) in many different places, and then to end with conclusion that free will is important is a bit of a non sequitur.