Book (non) Review – The Alchemist

"The Alchemist" by Paulo CoelhoThat anything remains to be said about “The Alchemist” is highly debatable.  That anything remains to be said by me is touching upon ridiculous, since I am pretty much the last person to read the book that has sold over 300 million copies.  I am sure there are people who have not read this book yet, but let us not talk about the 3 year olds, people who only communicate using whistling language, beautiful spice girls married to football stars and US vice presidential candidates right now.

Suppose all your friends went to the National Museum of Natural History, and saw this beautiful Hope Diamond and came back and told you all about it.  But for years you didn’t go there, until more of your friends went and saw it and told you about it.  And then your aunts and uncles and everyone else saw it and told you about it.  And then finally your FedEx delivery guy told you about it.  And then you went and saw the Hope Diamond.  Who would you write the review for?

"The Hope Diamond" at NMNH
“The Hope Diamond” – Click here to buy now

[Picture courtesy Ken Lund]


One thought on “Book (non) Review – The Alchemist

  1. Arthur Lloyd

    Interesting way of (not) writing a review. 🙂

    One reason to still write the review is to let your friends know (who I understand have already read the book) what YOU thought of the book. I have read the Alchemist, and am interested in what you thought of it.

    Hey, good blog btw, I have followed your software blog over years, and only rarely venture out on the “life” side.

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