The earth is slipping away

One of the basic questions about the origins of the universe is about the formation of Earth and other planets. Though scientists have a reasonable explanation to this question, a question remains as to what a precise location must earth have been in so that when the clouds formed into sun and earth, the earth was moving at the right speed so that it became a satellite of sun. If it had been moving too fast, it would have slipped away, and if it was moving too slow, it would have been swallowed into the sun.

From a human perspective, this seems to be so perfect. And philosophically speaking, it sure is. Quantitatively though, we can do a bit more inspection.

As of latest data, the earth is going away from the sun, at the rate of 1.5 cm/year. Based on this changing orbit, the earth has a life as well, as eventually it will get away from the sun completely and cease to be a satellite. That will likely happen over 3 billion years.

While a deviation of 1.5 cm/year may seem to be a small change, we need to calibrate the human and earth systems so that they use the same scale. Here are some calculations:

Diameter of earth: 12700 Km
Diameter (?) of a human: 0.6 meter (Try to visualize a human rolled up as a ball)
That is, earth is about 20,000,000 times larger than human.

The earth lasts about 7 billion years (barring accidents)
A human lasts about 100 years (barring accidents)
That is, earth lasts about 70,000,000 times more than human.

As we observe, once put into similar perspective, the orbit of the earth is about as perfect as us humans.