Daily Archives: September 8, 2007

Why I think Telegraph India is a dumb newspaper

Here I was, trying to find the India Japan game in the Asia Cup semi final. When I go to TelegraphIndia.com, here are the first 5 news it shows in the sports section:

  • No change in Team India‚Äôs seven-batsman formula
  • Sachin awaits crowning glory
  • Dravid eyes a perfect finish
  • Moores upbeat on Flintoff
  • THE ENFANT TERRIBLE (About Shoib Akhtar)

Further, there is NO WAY to navigate to the hockey news. How can a person who is even mildly interested in hockey read hockey news?

News websites often claim they can only highlight what readers are interested in. However the reverse is much more forced: the readers can only be interested in things that they are aware of.

So, the news websites at least have to make all news available. Then, as readers read some news more than others, the news website can choose to prioritize them.